About Us


We are a Green Mnt. Co. located in North Bennington, VT. We are one of the leading online e-tailers of natural and organic health, wellness and green living products. We have a new distribution center just opened up (May 15, 2015) with 15,000 natural grocery products in addition to the current distribution center with 30,000 eco green products.We buy from North America's Largest independent national distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods, Kosher and related products including nutritional supplements, personal care items and organic produce, in the United States.


We offer a variety of kosher and organic meal replacement and energy bars, shakes, and snacks to complete a healthy lifestyle. We have products available from one of the largest national distributors of supplement, personal care and sports nutrition products.Also available from a leading importer, processor and packager are organic and natural nuts, dried fruit, trail mixes, seeds, granola and confections.


We have 750 Brands of natural and organic items with 32 categories in grocery and beverages. Fourteen categories in personal care. Supplements have 18 categories bringing the total SKU's (items) to 45,000 between the two distribution centers.Some of the leading brands: Mrs Meyer's--Laundry; Natures Way, Rainbow--Vitamins. Baby items; Born Free; Dapple; Doc. Woods; Earth Mama; Green Sprouts. In the personal Care categories there are: bath/shower, cosmetics, feminine hygiene, hair care, lotions,soaps, sun care, to mention a few. Brands:Ecco Bella Flower color--lipstick, Honeybee Gardens Tru--lipstick; Alba Botanica-- shampoo, Avalon--shampoo.We ship 6 days a week.


We make it easy for conscientious consumers who share our mission to live sustainable and healthy lifestyles, including NO GMO's, to be able to buy from the largest variety of leading sustainable green products  available. Our listing of available products ready to ship is updated on a daily basis. Log on and check us out soon and often.